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fic recs!

most are infinite, snsd, sj, and exo. by order of oneshot to drabbles to two-part, etc.

vice || taeyeon, luhan/taeyeon. g, fluff. 920 words.
the plane back from smtown. half awkward sunbae-hoobae interactions, half therapy session.

go on and write me love songs || minho/victoria, onew/luna. g, fluff, romance. 1793 words.
victoria is ready to gag when she's forced to watch luna's valentine's day confession.

spills from your skin || woohyun/sunggyu. pg, au. 2026 words.
all woohyun understands is that he makes people sick and that means there's something wrong with him.

paradise || woohyun/sunggyu. r, au, angst. 837 words.
woohyun is immortal. sunggyu is not.

we might make a scene (ignite gasoline) || woohyun/sunggyu. r, college!au. 6146 words.
sunggyu and woohyun are law students, and practically hate each other. well, at least sunggyu thinks he hates woohyun and thinks woohyun hates him. sungyeol and myungsoo think the exact opposite, and has their own weird little ideas.

fool's paradise || sungyeol/sungjong. pg-13, angst. 343 words.
sungjong believes what he wants, not necessarily what is real.

lift off || sungyeol/sungjong. g, fluff. 4233 words.
sungjong has a bad dream and finds sanctuary in space.

on hold for now b/c links are all over the place lmfao.

(super junior)
on hold also, but i rec anything kyuhae from bottomkyu. (◡‿◡✿)

we own the night || kai/luhan. nc-17, au. 8500+ words.
jongin is a free spirit on a journey to nowhere, and luhan is an attractive stranger with a fast car.

tomorrow yesterday || kai/luhan. nc-17, au. 2700 words.
kai and sehun have been best friends ever since high school, until one day, luhan comes along.

overcoming || kris/luhan, kai/luhan. pg, au. 3003 words.
luhan was reborn at the age of eight, when a pair of hands lifted him up and away from the woman he called mother.

summer of love || kris/luhan. r, romance, angst. 2572 words.
in which love ensues but is led astray by the seasons.

hymns upon your lips || kris/luhan. nc-17, au, smut, romance. 3468 words.
most of the things about luhan both amuse and arouse him. it’s part of luhan’s charm as a boy-faced sex enthusiast.

where the winds sigh || kris/luhan. r, au, romance. 6541 words.
prequel to hymns upon your lips (above). no one has ever looked at luhan the way kris does.

sugar, we're goin' down swinging || sehun/luhan. pg, au. 11301 words.
sehun sells flowers and luhan reads way too much manga.

of rabbits, wizards, and the language of flowers || sehun/luhan. g, au, fluff. a lot of words.
in which, luhan is the lonely golden boy, and sehun is a rabbit with feelings.

finding heaven || sehun/luhan. pg, au. 2026 words.
sehun sells flowers and luhan reads way too much manga.

there will come soft rains || sehun/luhan. pg-13, au, angst. 2724 words.
they first notice the crack in the wallpaper.

hold it together || sehun/luhan. r, au, angst. 2020 words.
then, standing over the kitchen sink, sehun calmly washes his hands, checks to see his nails aren't broken or too long, and gets ready to claw his throat out.

the pantsing chronicles of park chanyeol || chanyeol-centric. pg, crack. 1162 words.
pantsing: to yank someone else's pants down, usually done in a humorous (or scientific) fashion.

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